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So when exactly is derp con?

November 16

5SOS WWA Tour Diary: House of Blues and Rose Bowl

The guys have spent their entire week in sunny Southern California

September 6, 2014- September 7, 2014: Los Angeles, CA

Now that the guys are back in the US, they had a couple of days off to recover from jet lag. While they were in the UK, they recorded a performance on BBC Strictly Come Dancing that was aired on the 7th. Click on the link below to watch!

5SOS Amnesia

September 8, 2014- September 9, 2014: Los Angeles, CA

It’s back to work again as the guys are rehearsing for their headlining show at the House Of Blues

and let’s just say things got a little more interesting during rehearsals

The best way to end a night (especially before a big show) is to just sit near the fire with some of your friends

September 10, 2014: Los Angeles, CA (House of Blues)

It’s a big day for 5sos as they are headlining a show in LA today! This morning they spent some time with John Feldmann talking about their next album

Then it was off to the venue to get ready for the show. Check out some of the backstage pics from tonight

The show was amazing! The guys even played some new songs from their new album. At one point, Ashton even left his drum kit so he could sing the Pizza song. Did I also mention that this show was being recorded for a future live album?

Everything I Didn’t Say


American Idiot

September 11, 2014: Pasadena, CA (Rose Bowl)

It’s September 11 which means the guys have a show tonight at the Rose Bowl! Before the show tonight, they had an interview with Young Hollywood

Before you knew it, it was time to hit the stage!

Good Girls

Heartache on the Big Screen

Teenage Dream

September 12, 2014: Pasadena, CA (Rose Bowl)

It’s a busy day and the guys are starting their day at 102.7 Kiis FM!

5 Seconds of Summer Interview

Out of My Limit

Somehow they also managed to get some recording done today

Then it was time to play at the Rose Bowl for the second night in a row!

Kiss Me Kiss Me


Other pictures from this week

Videos from this week

My face in a square


dinner, best keek ever




Michael Trying to Use Chopsticks

Other News:

It’s a new week which means new merch in the store! This week, you can purchase a vest designed by Calum!

- 3rd show has been added for London! (June 14, 2015)

- Hot Topic has just released some 5sos merch!

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Hi my friend likes ashton

That’s cool. Ashton is pretty great :)


5 Seconds of Summer performing at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA on September 11, 2014 on One Direction’s Where We Are Tour.

Please credit me if reposting or using anywhere. These are photos I took. Thank you! [x]

Can I have your shirt

What shirt?

I kinda have this part if me that love 5sos soooo much, basically a fangirl and all but it's a part that I never show my friends bc I'm afraid that it'll push them away a little bit, all this love to some famous guys and all.. Do you think I should show them this part and make them accept it?

Just be yourself :) if that involves fangirling then don’t be afraid to show it. If they are really your friends they will learn to accept that part of you.

Alternative Press - Behind the Scenes [x]

Alternative Press - Behind the Scenes [x]

thoughts on calum's hair (with blonde)

I actually kind of like it! Michael’s hair on the other hand I’m still trying to get used to lol

Do you know the address of the 5sos la apartment? if so can you give it to me bc all these people on twitter were saying they knew the address and I really want to know. I don't even live in LA I live in NY so dw its not like ill go there or anything thank you :)

I don’t give away that kind of information unfortunately. I really want to help you guys out so you can meet them but I’ve gotten in trouble for doing it. I’m really sorry


5 Seconds of Summer at Hot Topic x